Animals as Symbolic Messages in DREAMS

Dreams come in symbols and sometimes those symbols are animals. In deciphering the symbols we can better understand the messages coming through our dreams. When I dream of animals and I don’t know what the message is right away I like to check out this site:

If an animal shows up in your dreams and you either feel attracted and comfortable with it or very fearful of it; it’s a good indicator that the animal is like a totem in your life at this time or perhaps for your entire life.

I’ve dreamed of animals that I’ve never seen in the physical world and once I learned what their “medicine” is (see animal totem or medicine animals, or aforementioned website) realized that it was perfect that I had dreamed of them.

I’ve even dreamed of mythical creatures; and again when deciphering the dream symbols learned the messages from my deepest self and Spirit helpers/Angels.

May your sleep be restful and dreams insightful!

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