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The Meaning of Dreams

cc Photo Credit: Alice Popkorn on Flickr

The meaning of a dream is something that the dreamer can determine with some practice of deciphering their dreams.

Recurring Dreams

Some dreams come from our daily life.  These dreams will have a literal meaning and generally mirror or review of the days’ events.

If these dreams are repeated, they are called recurring dreams.  When I was in high school, I regularly dreamt about typing tests.  Recurring dreams usually are a bit stressful and don’t seem to be like a dream at all because they are about real events going on in the dreamer’s life.   In fact, after dreams like this you might wonder if you could just go back to bed and get some real sleep!

Lucid Dreaming

If you want to experiment with lucid dreaming, you can start with these types of recurring dreams. You change the dream to have a positive ending which takes all the stress out of the situation.  For example,  in my dream about taking typing tests – I could’ve changed it to a dream where the test ends with me getting an A on my test.

Programming Your Dreams

If you are programming your dreams, the meaning of your dreams will be aligned with the theme you are programming for.  For example, if you are programming your dreams to get a solution to a life issue; the dream meaning will be related to the life issue you are intending to dream about.  These dreams are often filled with symbolism but can be literal also.  

To me, programming your dreams about life issues is one of the most interesting ways to use dreamtime and enhance your waking-hour life experience.

Dreams of Loved Ones

Another dream type is when you receive a visit from a loved one who has passed on.  These are like other literal dreams except that we cannot literally visit with our loved one who has died – except in a spirit form.   When we sleep, we are more available to our spirit and can more easily connect with our loved ones who are in spirit form.

These types of dreams have a particular feel to them that makes them recognizable.  Sometimes these dreams will take place in a pleasant place that you and your loved one shared while they were in physical form, other times they can take place in buildings like an airport, bus depot or train station – these buildings are a metaphor to let us know that we can meet with them but they “live” in one place and we “live” in another.  Other times, our loved one has  come to give us advice, company, comfort and love.

One note –  if we try too hard to have these types of dreams – our loved one will stop visiting after only a couple of dreams so that we can get back to the “business of life”.  It can be tempting for many people to want to reconnect with their loved one who’ve passed on, but our loved ones know that they will slow us down here on earth.  They really want us to fulfill our life purpose, which is why they want us to get back to the “business of life”.

Dreams of Spirit Guides

Sometimes, you will dream of going to school or being with a wise teacher.  These are some of my favorite kinds of dreams.  In this type of dream, you are learning about higher wisdom as it pertains to your life experience.  The teachers that populate these dreams are often considered Spirit Guides or Masters and are highly evolved spirits who willingly help those who want to improve the human condition and do good things here on the planet.  Sometimes these teachers will appear to us as a trusted teacher we had in high school or at another time in our life so that we can process the information without getting hooked on how the teacher looks and trying to figure out who the teacher is.  The content of the dream – the teachings – is generally considered more important than who is conveying the information.  Masters know that we are all equal and will generally not put themselves above or beneath anyone else.  These dreams can take place in a classroom setting or mentoring situation.  You can program your dream-time for these types of dreams and they will assist you in alignment with your highest good and the highest good of all.

Sometimes we can have dreams for other people.   In some indigenous cultures there are designated people who have dreams for other people.  Sometimes these dreams occur spontaneously; but you can also program your dreams to get helpful insights for other people.  I teach this in my intuitive development class because it is something everyone can do and they do it rather easily.

There are “vacation” dreams.  These dreams are just what they sound like – a vacation!  When you awaken from one of these dreams you will feel rested and refreshed.  A vacation dream doesn’t necessarily mean a dream about being on a beach but it does mean a dream that incorporates activities in the dream that are totally unrelated to your regular daily responsibilities.

Transformational or healing dreams are alot like release dreams.  These dreams come in an infinite number of ways.  You know you’ve had a transformational dream when you can make easy changes in your daily life as a result of the dream.  Transformational dreams are oftentimes very real-to-life and can have emotional qualities that encourage the positive changes in your daily life.

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