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What is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is where a dreamer is aware that she or he is dreaming, can engage in the dream and change or adjust the dream.  Generally the experience of a lucid dream is very real and as the dreamer becomes more self-aware the dream can become even more real.  Lucid dreams generally follow the same pattern.  Once asleep, the dreamer becomes aware that he or she is dreaming while still asleep;  once aware she is dreaming she begins to think about how she would like the dream to change and by thinking it, so it begins to change, thereby changing the dream’s outcome.  With hypnosis, you can hypnotize yourself to be more lucid in your dreams.

Why Lucid Dream?

There are many good reasons to lucid dream.  The most common and beneficial uses of lucid dreaming are:

  • Stop and change nightmares
  • Talk to people who appear in dreams; get insights and solutions
  • Evaluate various dream outcomes
  • Explore “dreamland” or the astral plane
  • Communicate with Spirit Guides/Teachers

Lucid dreaming is much like being in a deep meditative state where you can access more wisdom than you can during your waking hours.   Stopping nightmares is a great application of lucid dreaming so that the dreamer can move beyond fearful nightmares to restful sleep and happy dreams.  Lucid dreaming during an astral visit from a loved one is helpful because it can take the visit to a whole new level; just like when you visit with a friend during your waking hours – if you can talk with them it is just that much more interesting!  Sometimes are dreams are like dress rehearsals for an upcoming event; when we can lucid dream about the upcoming event we can evaluate and then select our best approach.  While I don’t generally encourage people to explore the astral world during dreamtime because until you are an experienced dreamer and even then, astral travel can become complicated however it is a time that experienced dreamers utilize the skill of lucid dreaming.  One of my favorite uses of lucid dreaming is communicating with our Spirit Guides; they have so much to teach us and share with us and it’s easiest for them to reach us when we are dreaming.  Lucid dreaming during a visit with your Spirit Guide can be very healing because of their great love and assistance. 

How Can You Use Lucid Dreaming to Create the Life You Want?

You don’t have to lucid dream in order use your dreamtime to create the life you want to experience.  Just by programming your dreams for positive change and then paying attention to what messages come from your dreams can guide you to the changes you need to make or the information you need to create the life you’d like to lead. 

Lucid dreaming is an additional dimension to programming your dreams.  Oftentimes, lucid dreaming is experienced spontaneously so I rarely encourage my clients to go into lucid dreaming right from the start unless we are attempting to end a recurring nightmare.   Even then I have them practice the lucid dream via hypnosis and we do that several times before they might have the opportunity to lucid dream. 

It’ll generally happen spontaneously because the dreamer has an urgent need to change or understand the information in the dream.  We all have the ability to lucid dream but until we have the need or desire to do it, lucid dreaming just won’t occur.  Once the need and/or desire to understand or change our dreams occurs, then it is just a matter of time before that “switch” get’s flipped on.   It is possible to accelerate and strengthen your ability to lucid dream.  And lucid dreaming can be very fun.  First you must become aware that you are dreaming, then it is a matter of “taking charge of the dream” and changing it in so doing you can practice an outcome before it occurs in the physical world.

You can use lucid dreaming to help you create the life you would like to live.  As you become more and more comfortable with lucid dreaming; it is possible to rehearse situations that you will encounter during your waking hours so that you can fine tune your words and behavior before the situation occurs.  You can use your lucid dreams to do healing for yourself and send healing to others.  People have reported lucid dreaming where they interacted with friends and family in the astral plane resolving issues.  You can use lucid dreaming to access a new positive inner vision for your life.  You can even use lucid dreaming to help other people solve problems in their life.

Lucid Dreams and Nightmares

You can change your nightmares by lucid dreaming.  First you “practice” by thinking about your nightmare and replaying it in your mind during your waking hours.  For example;  if you have been having a nightmare, think about it for a  moment.  Replay the nightmare in your mind as if it were about someone else, an actor or actress on a tv show,  – only this time, change the outcome so that it has an ending you like.  You can replay the nightmare and try out all sorts of different endings until you find the one that really is agreeable.  Then run the new ending as if it were a movie or tv show over in your mind several times during your waking hours.  This way when you are sleeping you are likely to either never have the nightmare again or you will be able to lucid dream; changing the nightmare to this new agreeable ending and your nightmare will be done.  It may take a few times of lucid dreaming to get the nightmare permanently changed; just know that it is do-able.  Many people are doing it every day!

For example; if you have a nightmare of falling – replay it in your mind only imagine yourself falling gently into a net and the net is held by people that care about you and that you like who cheer your successful leap into their net.  Or,  if you have a nightmare of being chased, replay it in your head – only at some point, change the outcome by turning around and shouting “boo” at whatever is chasing you or by stomping your foot scaring whatever it was that was chasing you and making it change into a white bunny or some other harmless creature.  Again, you will need to run these new scenarios through your mind several times during your waking hours to facilitate lucid dreaming and changing your nightmare while you are sleeping.

Practicing these techniques will help you the next time you have the nightmare. Your mind will remember and it will begin putting in the new happy ending that you are practicing.  Using lucid dreaming to change your nightmares is extremely powerful in reducing and sometimes eliminating unnecessary and irrational fears from your waking hours as well.  Nightmares are usually our way of working through fears and the moment we use lucid dreaming to change the outcome, the fear is eliminated and you become more calm and confident.

People in Our Dreams

When you have a dream about someone, it can literally be that person that is in your dream or that person can represent a part of you in the dream.  Either way, dialoguing with the people who populate your dreams can be fun and powerful.  Perhaps you’ve seen the show The Medium? The Medium is based on a real-life medium named Allison Dubois, who has used her dreamtime to help the police solve crimes – mostly murders.  Sometimes in her dreams she can talk to the deceased person and ask them questions – this is lucid dreaming. In her lucid dreams, she becomes aware that she is dreaming, and then she starts to engage her dream as she looks for more information or talks with the spirits of the people who have been murdered.  You can check this out at:  www.themedium.com We can be visited during dreamtime by our loved ones who’ve crossed over, our Spirit Teachers, even our friends who exist on the earth plane with us.  Dreamtime, or the astral plane, can be a very busy place.  Sometimes the people in our dreams represent different parts of ourselves.  Other times we might have a dream where a person has no face but we feel like we know them – this is a way that our mind and spirit can protect us from being overwhelmed with emotion.  If we were to see the person’s face we might be so overwhelmed with an emotion that we would wake from the dream and miss the information being conveyed. 

Lucid Dreaming to Solve Problems

Lucid dreaming can be an effective way to evaluate various outcomes to a situation.  You might be dreaming over and over about a situation at work or home; in the dream you can have the ending be different each time until you find an ending you prefer.  In this way, it’s like you are trying out a number of different time lines before you have to experience the event, whether it is public speaking, an interview, a project, etc.  You can also program your dream as you fall asleep by asking for a dream about that particular issue.  Once the dream occurs you can lucid dream to change it or try out different scenarios.

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