Dream Interpretation

Dreams can be such magical, creative experiences and they can be terrifying as well.  They come from the deepest recesses of our mind and the most recent occurrences of the day.  Dreams can be an escape,  they can be prophetic, transformational, alchemical, educational.

Experts agree that when we sleep, we enter into a world that is miraculous and still unknown in so many ways.  Clearly, our brain waves change as we begin to drift into that other-sensory world while our body re-calibrates itself.  Where do those dreams come from?  What do they mean?  That has been the question about dreams throughout the ages.

Why Interpret Your Dreams?

Your dreams can be trying to teach you something.  Dreams can help you get insights on how to solve a problem,  help you heal something, give you an insight or a warning, connect you with a loved-one or Spirit Guide like an astral visit from them, some are even prophetic.  Some people like to think that their dreams are “just dreams” and do not mean anything in particular.  I would have to say that they are cheating themselves of utilizing a priceless, super valuable gift that was given to them at birth! Available and free to them to utilize to improve their life, relationships and their environment. That gift is: their subconcious mind, spirit and dreamtime!

While it is possible to have dreams that are just completely for entertainment purposes, it is also clear that during dreamtime your subconscious mind and spirit can more easily communicate with you.  The subconscious and spirit often communicate through symbols and metaphors which is why dreams can SEEM so nonsensical.   High spiritual truths are taught through parables; every spiritual tradition teaches through metaphors, parables and story-telling.  This is because higher truths go beyond words, they go beyond pictures, they go to the very deepest part of ourselves where our understanding transcends the third dimensional experience.  The pages that the story is written upon is third dimensional while the story itself exists only in the mind, the imagination – you can consider this beyond the third dimension as it is non-physical.  Understanding what your dreams are trying to tell you helps you understand the world beyond the third dimension.   Writers, archeologists, scientists, mediums; they’ve all used their dreams to gain valuable and helpful insights.  It’s a skill you can learn and fine-tune so you can utlize the gift that was given to you from birth at a whole new positive level.  You can learn how to do this by taking our webinar; Accessing the Wisdom of Your Dreams.

Dream Interpreters

Dream interpreters have been around for as long as man has been around.  Each of us can interpret our dreams but there have always been those for whom it comes a little easier; even when it comes to interpreting someone’s dream other than their own.  You have probably done some interpreting of your own dreams.  Or, perhaps you are just getting started at valuing your dreams as messengers from beyond the third dimension.  There are numerous dream dictionaries on the web as well as in book form that you can use to get some ideas about your dreams but in the end it is you that had the dream and it will be you that can best understand your dream symbols.  In our webinar Accessing the Wisdom of Your Dreams, you will learn how to interpret your dream symbols and thereby the messages of your dreams so you can make the most of your dreamtime.

Dream Symbols and Dictionaries

As I’ve mentioned earlier, dreams are often delivered in metaphor or symbols.  There are dream dictionaries that list common and not so common symbols and their POSSIBLE meanings.  I emphasize POSSIBLE because a symbol can have a variety of interpretations.  When I was first learning to interpret my dreams; I dreamt of dancing with my boyfriend – in one dream dictionary it said dancing indicated that the relationship was going to be superb while in another dream dictionary it said that he would likely be a cheater – two totally different meanings wouldn’t you say?  It’s improtant to remember that your symbols can be very unique to you.  Because symbols can be unique to the dreamer it makes dream interpretation a very intuitive practice. 

We are building a dream dictionary on this site by adding your symbols and interpretations to the dictionary.  If you have one or more symbols and interpretations to add, please submit it.

Types of Dreams

I like to categorize dreams as follows; prophetic, insightful, healing/transformational, entertaining/nonsensical.  Nightmares can fall into any one of the catergories but are most often for insight or healing.  If you are remembering your nightmares, and especially if they are recurring nightmares, you are being given an opportunity for healing and transformation.  Nightmares are oftentimes about a fear – rational or irrational- and with some training you can interpret the nightmare and then use it to help you move forward in life.  Insightful dreams can help you create something completely new!  For example, in the 1920’s Dr. Frederick Banting was working on how to treat diabetes. One night exhausted from his efforts he fell asleep, during his sleep his dreaming mind instructed him to extract the residue from the degenerated pancreatic duct of dogs.  This inspiration from his dreamtime led Dr. Banting to his discovery of insulin which we all know has since helped and continues to help millions of people.  A healing dream can be like the one a client of mine had recently.  She had been struggling with her overbearing father but didn’t know how to create an emotional boundary with him.  In her dream she set her boundary firmly and he respected it – it was like a “dress rehearsal” for her to implement later during her waking hours.  Another client has shared with me how her deceased mother visits her during her sleep and during these visits her mother gives her advise.  Prophetic dreams tell of the future, sometimes these can be changed and sometimes they are given to us so we can be mentally prepared for the upcoming event.

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