Release Dreams

Release dreams can be stressful but are wonderfully healing when viewed through a dream interpreter’s eyes.  Release dreams are just that – a releasing of some pent up energy, thought or experience that can be “swept” out of the dreamer’s mind so that healing can take place. 

A release dream can take on the form of yelling for help and receiving it or screaming at someone we’d really like to scream at but for whatever reason haven’t done so during our waking hours.  Last, but not least , the release dreams can also involve the bathroom –  sometimes taking a shower to “wash” off all the negativity or sitting on the toilet to “release” whatever was backed up emotionally or mentally. 

It’s important to remember that, in dreams, the information is oftentimes given to us as metaphors so the subconscious mind is acting out the idea of release rather than dictating words and sentences about it.

If you’ve recently had a release dream, you might want to ponder some things. For example, what was the location that it took place in?  Did it take place in your childhood home or your work?  What clothes were you wearing?  Was anyone around?  Were you able to have your privacy? 

The answers to these questions help you to understand the message that your subconscious is trying to tell you.  If the dream took place in your childhood home and you found you couldn’t keep the door closed, this may indicate that you are letting go of something related to your childhood and are concerned about being exposed and/or feel vulnerable about letting it go. 

If your release dream took place at work – you can pretty much bet that something is going on within you that makes you unhappy, frustrated or angry at work and you need to learn to let it go somehow.

Do you have a release dream that you’d like to share?  Add to this post and I’ll do a brief dream interpretation on the first 5 release dreams that are posted here.

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