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Trish Poole, CH

I love dreaming!  I use my dreams and teach people how to use their dreams because of how much fun it is and how helpful it can be.   We have all this time available to us while we sleep when we can access deeper wisdom than our conscious mind can – it’s fun, it’s insightful!  Yep, I love it!

Dealing with Nightmares

I’ve always been a big night-time dreamer, but it wasn’t until I was in college that I realized how POWERFUL  dreamtime is.  My first year at Marquette University, I started having nightmares where evil as an energy or concept was trying to take me over.  During these nightmares, I couldn’t move or wake myself out of them.  When I’d finally wake up I was sweaty, exhausted and terrified.  Needless to say, they were much too  disturbing on many levels so I was very motivated to change those nightmares.  Then one night, I started lucid dreaming which changed everything for the better!  During mywaking hours,I rehearsed how I would change the nightmare if I could. I figured that if I were to pray I would be protected and the nightmare would end.  Sure enough!  Whenever the nightmare would begin, I’d start to pray the rosary (a Catholic prayer I learned as a child) and with that I’d be protected and be able to wake myself up.

Dreaming and Intuition

Since those college years I’ve become extremely adept at using dreamtime.  During an intuitive development course I took in 1996, I learned how to get helpful information for others by having dreams for them.  This was so much fun that I started having dreams for most everyone in my life who wanted me to.  It was amazing how accurate and helpful the dreams were and still are!  Now I teach this technique as part of my Intuitive Development course as well as in our Access the Power of Your Dreams webinar.

Dreaming and Hypnosis

I fine-tuned my dreaming and dream-coaching skills with hypnosis training and years of practice.   In 1997 I became a Certified Hypnotherapist.  Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind; dreamtime is all about what the subconscious mind is doing and communicating so hypnosis and dreamtime dovetailed for me beautifully.  Over the years; I’ve expanded my approach to dream interpretation; taking courses within the hypnosis and spirituality community about dream interpretation and studying extensively about the subconscious mind, hypnosis and dreaming.

Dreaming and the Spirit World

Dreaming brings us into the spiritual realm where so many things are possible.  I’ve had many dreams of my clients’ loved ones who’ve crossed over or had meetings with my Spirit Guides/Teachers.  In these dreams, the loved ones give me information for my clients or I’m able to interact with my Spirit Teachers who help me understand a difficult problem.  

When my Grandmother died, I woke up that night at the hour when she passed.  This is a fairly common experience and perhaps you’ve even experienced this.  The first time this happened to me it was rather frightening, but as I came to understand the dreaming world and world of Spirit, these dreams and “visits” have become wonderful gifts that occur every so often.   

Dreaming and the Media

Many people have seen the show The Medium, based on Allison Dubois  – a woman who helps the Phoenix District Attorney solve crimes because of the information she learns in her dreams.  In her dreams, she might see or experience the crime.  In any case, it helps them get the information needed to solve crimes and put the criminals in jail! 

My dreams with the spirit world do not enter the realm of solving crimes; however, being able to connect with my loved ones, my clients’ loved ones and my Spirit Teachers is a wonderful gift that I enjoy teaching others how to do.  These types of dreams help us to remember that we are much more than the body and that love truly is eternal.

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